Project Description

Red River Zoo Otter Exhibit

Fargo, North Dakota

Shultz + Associates was commissioned by the Red River Zoo to design the new Otter Exhibit which is home to two River Otters.  The exhibit features a walking path which connects to the Admissions building as well as viewing areas of glass panels inside and outside the exhibit.  The life-like rock and waterfall features create a slide for the otters into a pool with natural elements such as trees and rocks interspersed throughout the exhibit.  The concept behind the inside of the exhibit was to recreate what an actual Otter Den would look like.  Tree “roots” protrude from the ceiling and prints can be found in the “dirt” floor as well as the “dirt” walls of the exhibit, giving visitors a feel for what it’s like to be in an actual otter den.  Outside, children can interact with and crawl through a hollow-log structure near the walking path.

Completion Date:  2013