Project Description

Prairie St. John 128 Bed Replacement Facility

Fargo, North Dakota

Shultz + Associates was retained in 2017 by Prairie St. John’s for Planning Services of a new or renovated facility on the current site in Fargo, ND. A critical element in this effort was obtaining approval for a variance from the City of Fargo’s newly adopted Floodproofing elevation.  The PSJ site is located in a low area, though protected by a City levee.  The variance is essential for the continued use of the site, but clearly does not meet the letter of the new minimum elevation.

In, early 2019, it was determined the best solution would be to design a new facility at the current site. S+A is currently procuring Construction Documents for the 128 bed psychiatric care facility.  The new hospital will be approximately 105,000 square feet.

Completion: Current

Prairie St. John 3rd Floor Renovations

Fargo, North Dakota

Shultz + Associates was commissioned in 2014 to complete plans for a geriatric, psychiatric floor at the Prairie St. John’s Hospital in Fargo, ND. The program closely followed City, State and Universal Health System standards to provide a safe and code compliant facility. Comforts of home were designed to be anti-ligature and accessible. Spaces included patient sleeping rooms, bathrooms, quiet and noisy activity rooms, exam rooms, counseling rooms and spaces for education. Materials meet institutional standards by being durable and easy to clean, but they also provide an atmosphere of home and healing for patients.

Completion: 2015