Project Description

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Moorhead, Minnesota

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd had an opportunity to establish a new facility in south Moorhead.  Their facility of 40 plus years served them well but the confined site and lack of expansion ability led them to explore the development of an all new facility.  Phase I of the Master plan is approximately 30,000 square feet that includes a new worship center with space for a relocated organ, flexible seating, and fully integrated media technology.  A large narthex provides a gathering space adjacent to the worship center with access to the administrative offices and a large kitchen.  Education space is provided and a full-size gymnasium and locker rooms designed to accommodate the Park District programs as well as church activities. Great consideration was given to acoustics in design of the worship space.  The canted ceiling with its irregular surface, a balance of diffusive and absorptive materials throughout the space, as well as careful placement of an electronic sound system helped to improve acoustic clarity and reduce slap echoes.  The site consists of 12 acres of land, and will provide ample space for future additions, parking, and site development.

Completion: 2009