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Fargo Park District Depot Renovation & Breezeway Infill

Fargo, North Dakota

Shultz + Associates has provided the full range of architectural services for the Fargo Park District over the past 10+ years on a range of project types. S+A has been commissioned for multiple planning studies for the Depot Downtown. The project examined multiple short and long term solutions for current facility space versus employee growth at stages of 5 years, 10 years, and 20+ years. The 2017 Depot Renovation project was constructed based on the result of the 5 year findings, with a subsequent study to address the organizational shift in increased staff counts for the Park District’s departments within the Depot. The projects have examined and addressed ADA upgrades, toilet count expansion impact, and historic preservation of the facility.

Completion: 2019

Fargo Park District Valley Senior Services North Senior Center

Fargo, North Dakota

Valley Senior Services is a non-profit service offering programs that promote healthy living for seniors in our community. Shultz + Associates has done work with their transportation service by designing a vehicle storage facility and supporting offices, but most recently construction is under way on their new North Senior Center in Fargo. At 5,500 square feet, the space is designed for comfort, flexibility and durability. Programmed space includes a lounge, meeting room, activity room, staff offices and a serving kitchen. The activity room provides seating for meals, coffee, socialization, and technology use/training. The meeting room is designed to be an extension of the activity room or to be a private meeting space for bone builders or community education classes in conjunction with the Fargo Park District. Special consideration was given to acoustics, amplified sound control, coffee convenience and a variety of flexible interaction spaces.

Completion: 2016

Fargo Park District Valley Senior Services Transportation Facility Addition

Fargo, North Dakota

With the assistance of Federal Transportation Grant Dollars, a new vehicle storage dispatch facility was constructed for the buses supporting the Valley Senior Services Transportation program. The 10,320 square foot building was constructed of insulated precast panels and houses large vans and medium size people-mover busses. The building is highly insulated and heated with in-floor heating to provide thermal mass for efficient heating and snow-melting off of the vehicles. Automated door operators and CO2/NO detectors for ventilation assure that operational heat loss is kept to minimum.

Completion: 2016

Fargo Park District North Side Maintenance Facility

Fargo, North Dakota

Illustrating the ongoing commitment to the City of Fargo, Shultz + Associates was hired to design a new North Side Maintenance Facility.  The new building was designed to increase operational efficiency and support capacity for future park development.  The building houses a wash bay, maintenance and fabrication shops, tempered and cold storage and a business office.  A precast concrete structure is an economical and durable solution for the shop and storage bays.  The business office is constructed with metal stud and masonry walls with windows in strategic places so that all portions of the office receive natural daylight.  Highlighting the Park District’s values, a green roof was constructed over the business office. Through thoughtful planning and design, Shultz + Associates has delivered a project that goes beyond basic needs and will serve the Fargo Park District for decades to come.

Completion: 2012

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